life in light

stills the soul




We can be more than still, we can be glad! ~S.P.W.

streams in the desert, l.b. cowman

9 Comments on “life in light

  1. I love that quote. And I can tell you’re glad just from the beautiful photos.

    Thanks so much for your visits and lovely comments on my recent posts, Marcia. It always makes me smile when you drop by!

  2. Beautiful Marcia, Such lovely views and sweetness from the pups. Wishing your season to be filled with the light. Happy Spring my friend.
    Thank you for stopping by and you sweet comment. It is always so special to see you.
    Blessings and joys to you!! xo

  3. A beautiful post to celebrate the light and a new spring! Thank you for sharing the light.
    Happy Spring Marcia………

  4. Those little doggies are so cute. I smile when I see them. The changes in your coffee table décor are delightful. I thought I saw that same glass basket at Marshall’s. I thought of you. : )

    Happy first day of Spring, love.


  5. What a precious little one peeking up! 🙂 Love the quote…thank you, Marcia.

  6. Marcia, Thanks for sharing. I love the herbs in my kitchen window. They do smell wonderful.
    Hugs, Linda

  7. Beautiful… I love the verse and I adore herbs, Rosemary {for Remembrance} in particular.
    All the Best,

  8. How true! And I love the illustration by your hubby…of the lamp post! Thank you sweet friend and Sis for the prayers. Sweet hugs, Diane

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