not the altitude
not the majesty
the conversations between two passionate souls
two artists, two dreamers
mother and son

more alike than unalike

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I don’t have much to post from our Rocky Mountain High journey. One, because I was literally breathless, and two, because I have a tendency to forget about pictures when I’m face to face with nature at this level. I was so in awe I couldn’t speak for hours. I’ve seen many mountains, this was an unforgettable experience.

I’ll try to photograph tomorrow’s journey. For now I’ll go on dreaming.

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And I’ll close with something my son shared with me over breakfast.

The burden of the gift. No one can understand the depths that you go to when you reach down inside yourself, to express. You can’t take anyone with you to those places. Sometimes you find things that are very scary . . . that is a very lonely experience, and it’s not something you choose or would necessarily go after, but something you inherit with your gift.

Eric Clapton speaking about Jimi Hendrix

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I love my son.