be willing to move

where you are is too small

said the Sunflower to the little flower


“the winds that were meant to stop you will push you into your purpose”

Joel Osteen

to the wind

through rustling leaves
to amethyst skies
throw caution

watch the heavens burst in royal celebration!

072818 summer sunset, unedited unfiltered iPhone

BEaUtiful child
to surrender is to be free


watercolor by Knysh Ksenya

blue white and golden

110718 Luke

for morning

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.
Lamentations 3:23

live it in red

live it in red

life happens
on our way to dreams
pauses for no one
considers not

What do you say we grab life by the seat of its pants?

What do you say we

BEaUtiful child, life happens
the valiant kick back when legs long gave out

watercolor by Knysh Ksenya

i see skies of blue


crowns that get messy
all that is life

and i think to myself
what a WONDERful LOVE